“Synergy Group” is expanding portfolio in the agricultural sector

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23.01.2015 19:29

January 23, 2015

“Synergy Group” is planning to expand its portfolio in the field of agriculture in 2015. Announcement of 2015 as “Year of Agriculture” is the indicator of noticeable focus on this field. The country has high investment potential in agriculture. “Synergy Group” is studying a number of attractive business offers in this field.

Furthermore, works are carried out to expand scope of the subsidiary companies operating in the field of agriculture. “AzAqro” LLC introduces innovative technologies in the production of roses in Azerbaijan based on a centralized computer system and advanced technologies in its greenhouse. Since 2013 “AzAqro” supplying its products to the flower shops under “SBuket” brand. Along with meeting the demand in the local market, the company exports its products to Georgia and exploring new markets outside of the country.

“Caspian Coast Winery & Vineyards” LLC can be regarded as key investment example of made by Synergy Group to the restoration of winemaking traditions in the country. The Group carried out restoration works in Siyazan wine factory and organized production process that meets latest international standards. Significant works are done to identify new markets for “Caspian Coast Winery & Vineyards” products which are exported to Russian market.

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