“Synergy Group” is developing new projects

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24.12.2014 19:31

“Synergy Group” is developing new projects in the industrial sector. According to the Group Chairman Kamran Abbasov “Synergy Group” experts are carrying out project feasibility analysis in the industrial sector. Industrial sector, being the Group’s strategic priority has great business potential. Many segments are quite attractive for investment purposes. Mr. Abbasov noted “Synergy Group” is interested in expanding its portfolio in the industrial sector in the upcoming years.

At present the company is in the process of realization of its major project – construction “Azerbaijan Fibro Cement” plant with zero emissions and meeting environmental standards. This plant is to produce fiber-cement panels, designed for facade and roof coverings, interior walls, floor coverings of different colors and types.

Fiber cement panels are safe for human health and environment, advantageous by water and moisture resistance, strength, durability, fire resistance, lightness, heat and sound insulation, and also have a decorative feature. Production of the plant “AFC” shall serve as solution to several problems in the Azerbaijan market.  “Azerbaijan Fibro Sement” which will set up a new era in the field of construction is planned to open by 2016.

It should be noted  company “Synergy Group” is an investment holding, which was founded in 2010. Our main goal is to become a leading profitable enterprise, setting a maximally effective management, establishing new companies or acquiring existing ones on the basis of long-term projects.

“Synergy Group” OJSC is focused on the investments into the strategic industrial fields with high growth potential.

The Group, which includes more than 28 companies, employs over 1,500 people.

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